Strategic Investment Sales Solutions

Asset Commercial Realty Group’s professionals have successfully negotiated and closed deals for the following New York commercial real estate asset classes:

  • Multifamily Properties
  • Mixed-Use Buildings
  • Development Sites (Land and Conversions)
  • Retail & Community Facility Condominiums
  • Shopping Centers & Strip Centers
  • Triple-Net Lease (NNN) Assets
  • Industrial Assets
  • Affordable Housing
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Office Buildings
  • Garages
  • Self-Storage
  • Performing & Non-Performing Loan Sales

AssetCRG offers creative marketing solutions tailored to our client’s needs.  We provide customized asset evaluations, utilize the latest technology and apply our network of partners to uncover the full potential of every piece of real estate.  Our process is designed to identify and target specific investors for the different real estate asset classes in New York.

Our expansive network of investors include institutional investment companies, private domestic investors, foreign investment companies, REITS, hedge funds, equity partners, non-profits, lenders, government agencies and many other “off-the-radar” investors.

AssetCRG’s team of professionals understand that every property is diverse and deserves innovative and a customized approach to the market to transact and receive the best returns for our clients. Contact our team today and receive a complimentary evaluation on your asset and what creative solutions will effectively achieve the best return.

Why Are We The Best?

For decades, the professionals at AssetCRG have successfully targeted numerous investment opportunities for our clients.  By analyzing client’s goals and objectives, we have been able to structure deals targeting specific properties, locations and asset types.  By creatively utilizing a broad spectrum of resources, our professionals consistently provide added value and maximum ROI to our clients.  The basis of every acquisition is rooted in determining the right value for a property- price is only one factor of value.  The holistic approach to acquisition analyzes development potential, cash flow, management issues, financing, market trends, and expected returns.  We provide our clients with the solutions necessary to acquire value-add properties, assist our clients in effectively utilizing their assets, and consistently improving client cashflow over time, resulting in effective net returns on investment.
AssetCRG represents clients in all aspects of property disposition. An effective disposition strategy starts with a financial evaluation of a property.  We provide a free market evaluation and analysis of your property.  We also provide an appraisal and marketing package distinctively tailored to your needs.  After the marketing brochure is created, we target our wide universe of buyers to identify the specific buyer who will see the full value of your property. Our professionals will conduct the negotiations on your behalf to ensure a timely, smooth and seamless process.
AssetCRG provides real estate owners with credible and accurate evaluation of their investment property in order to establish accurate pricing and value.  Proper evaluations result in quicker transactions, and at AssetCRG we take into account development value, cash flow, deal structure and debt financing when valuing property.. Contact an AssetCRG professional to receive unlimited asset evaluations to help guide you through pricing and strategy in today’s competitive and complex market environment.

Creative Marketing Platform

When AssetCRG is hired on an exclusive basis to market a property, we determine the best route to reach the largest possible target audience.  We market the property directly to end-users, tenants, investors and the brokerage community at large to ensure your property is getting maximum market exposure. We create the right amount of “buzz” highlighting the properties ability to perform as either a stabilized asset or as a value-add play.

Financial Analysis

Behind every real estate transaction is a thorough financial analysis of a property.  AssetCRG’s professionals conduct a comprehensive analysis of the many factors that determine the fundamental value of a property- current cash flow, projected income, potential development value, its location, position in the market, value of comparable assets, and commonly used metrics such as cap rates, price per sq. foot, or price per developable sq. foot, and both macro and micro-economic trends affecting the real estate market of the property.  In order to maximize the value of any asset, and secure the highest price possible, we first need to determine what the best use of the property would be from a financial stand point.  Reach out to us- lets figure out your properties maximum value.


AssetCRG has seen the full life cycle of deals, and our professionals will guide you through the entire process from the initial offer to the closing table.  We will provide creative solutions to overcome issues that arise in every transaction and will actively engage with all parties to take your deal from conception to conclusion.

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