Albert Aranbaev
Albert AranbaevManaging Principal | Head of Investment Sales & Retail Leasing
Albert Aranbaev is a founding member of Asset Commercial Realty Group with extensive experience in Commercial Real Estate. Albert brings an unmatched level of service to his clients and is highly skilled in lease negotiation, sales and acquisitions of investment properties, and asset management. Read More
Michelle Abramov
Michelle AbramovManaging Principal | Head of Investment Sales & Retail Leasing
Multi-colored through the various fields of real estate including brokerage, development, leasing, and investment, Michelle Abramov comes with a wide background of knowledge in the realm of commercial real estate. Read More
Mark Kandkhorov, Esq.
Mark Kandkhorov, Esq.Managing Principal | Legal Counsel & Investment Sales
Mr. Kandkhorov is an attorney admitted to practice in the State of New York and New Jersey. Prior to joining Asset CRG, Mr. Kandkhorov worked at a prominent real estate development firm in New York. Read More…
Yuriy Ustoyev
Yuriy UstoyevLicensed Real Estate Broker | Investment Sales Division
Yuriy joined AssetCRG as Head of the Investment Sales division. Prior to joining AssetCRG, Yuriy worked at a prominent real estate brokerage firm as an Investment Sales Associate focusing on the Brooklyn market. Read More
Mark Akilov, Esq.
Mark Akilov, Esq.Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker | Investment Sales Division
Mark Akilov joined the AssetCRG as an Associate Broker. His thirst for the hustle and savvy legal skills have helped close numerous deals in the past 3 years. Through his extensive research and networking skills he is establishing a name for himself in the commercial real estate community. Read More
Sadya Liberow
Sadya LiberowLicensed Associate Real Estate Broker | Investment Sales Division
Sadya joins AssetCRG with over 5 years of experience in the commercial real estate industry. Prior to joining AssetCRG, Sadya worked at prominent real estate firms as an Investment Sales Specialist focusing on the Brooklyn & Queens Market. Read More
Elli Khafizov
Elli KhafizovLicensed Real Estate Salesperson | Investment Sales Division
After graduating from Binghamton University in 2016, Elli immediately began his career in Investment Real Estate. After joining  Epic Commercial Realty in May of that year, Elli thoroughly working target neighborhoods throughout Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. Read More
Ilya Mirzakandov
Ilya MirzakandovLicensed Real Estate Salesperson | Investment Sales Division
Immigrating to the United States of America from the Former Soviet Union at the age of 9, Ilya was able to witness first-hand the effect of change, growth and transformation of a culturally active community in Brooklyn. He has experienced unknown neighborhoods transform into the heart of cultural and economic growth. Read More
Joseph Mastov
Joseph MastovInvestment Sales Agent | Investment Sales & Retail Leasing Division
Joseph joined AssetCRG in early 2017. He graduated Hunter College with a BA in Industrial and Organizational Psychology BA. With his experience in the healthcare industry, Joseph bridges the gap with AssetCRG’s healthcare clients as well as Landlord seeking healthcare clients in their portfolio.
Samiel Harouni
Samiel HarouniLicensed Real Estate Salesperson | Investment Sales Division
Samiel joins the AssetCRG team with over a decade experience in the sales industry. His current focus is on development, mixed-use, and retail oriented properties in the boroughs. He also works with many under the radar private purchasers looking for unique positions on property acquisition. His experience in sales makes him a reputable investment sales agent well equipped to analyze opportunities for his clients.
Mike Sezan
Mike SezanLicensed Real Estate Salesperson | Investment Sales Division
Mike Sezan joins AssetCRG with over 6 years of experience in dealing with financially distressed homes. Mike has lived in Queens for much of his life and has moved throughout the city giving him a great knowledge on the city. He became drawn to real estate and all the complexities to it. Seeking out a job to learn more he joined a well known property investor and took on the role of acquisitions. Read More
David Alayev
David AlayevInvestment Sales Agent | Investment Sales & Retail Leasing Division
David’s niche is within the Medical & Legal Client Representation. With over 7 years working alongside physicians, medical facilities and legal representatives David has acquired an understanding for what these professionals need in their field & investment portfolios transitioning them into real-estate acquisitions through out the 5 boroughs to nation wide assets. Whether it’s assisting in developing, leasing, or sale David has the tools & experience to guide any professional looking to but not limited to expanding, investing, and adapting to changing markets.
Sabrina Gupte
Sabrina GupteHead of Marketing
As the head of our marketing department, Sabrina is responsible for producing all of AssetCRG online, print, and social media content. As well as handling all promotional, branding and PR efforts.
Isaac Matayev
Isaac MatayevLicensed Real Estate Salesperson | Investment Sales Division