About Ilya Mirz

Immigrating to the United States of America from the Former Soviet Union at the age of 9, Ilya was able to witness first-hand the effect of change, growth and transformation of a culturally active community in Brooklyn. He has experienced unknown neighborhoods transform into the heart of cultural and economic growth. Noticing that such vast and positive growth is possible, his interest of real estate was ignited.

Although his academic background consists of a degree in Health Sciences, Ilya transitioned to real estate to fulfill a lifelong passion of contributing to the cultural and economic vitality of New York City. As an investment Sales Agent with Asset CRG, Ilya is known to be a caring, knowledgeable, and reliable real estate agent with non-adversarial negotiating skills. He specializes in working with both developers and investors. Ilya enjoys spending time with his family, experiencing new adventures, and making lifelong memories. He currently resides in a vastly diverse neighborhood in Queens, NY with his wife and children.