Mike Sezan

Mike Sezan joins AssetCRG with over 6 years of experience in dealing with financially distressed homes.

Mike has lived in Queens for much of his life and has moved throughout the city giving him a great knowledge on the city. He became drawn to real estate and all the complexities to it. Seeking out a job to learn more he joined a well known property investor and took on the role of acquisitions. It taught him various skills including professionalism, negotiations skills and attention to detail. Focusing on neighborhoods that were deeply affected by the recession, Mike saw an opportunity to help home owners get out of foreclose and be able to sell their homes without the banks taking it back. The experience really does matter and with that he knows where opportunities can be made. This opportunity allowed him exposure to the ins and outs of a real estate transaction and establishing relationships with well known investors and real estate hedge funds within the NYC region. Coming on board now with AssetCRG, Mike is putting all his learned skills to work.